Workers mean business with walking challenge

Over 320 Scottish Enterprise employees walked more than 47,700 miles during a month-long workplace walking challenge.

Walk at work

Workmates from across the organisation formed 65 virtual teams to motivate each other to walk and move more during the working day.

Altogether, the Scottish Enterprise teams clocked up 106,680,340 steps by taking part in a recent bespoke Step Count Challenge - one of our popular workplace initiatives.

Over four weeks, teams logged their steps, held online team chats, and got on the move with walking or standing phone meetings, active screen breaks, and were encouraged to walk to nearby strategic economic infrastructure sites dotted around the country.

Scottish Enterprise said the walking challenge fitted with its focus on the health and wellbeing of its employees and its commitment to boost staff morale and keep networking alive as working from home continues.

Maria Bradshaw, Director of People at Scottish Enterprise, said:

Our people are our greatest asset and so supporting staff health and wellbeing is absolutely fundamental to how we operate as an organisation.

With all staff working from home for such a prolonged period, we decided to inject some healthy competition into our wellbeing programme by working with Paths for All to develop this bespoke Step Count Challenge. 

Not only did the challenge encourage staff to get out and take some exercise but it helped raise internal awareness of the wide range of strategic economic sites we are developing across Scotland.

We run national Step Count Challenges twice a year, inviting organisations from across the country to take part in the spring and autumn.

But companies can also deliver their own, in-house challenges at a time that suits them, receiving tailored support from the charity to achieve their goals.

Frances Bain, Walking for Health Manager at Paths for All said: “Any business, in any sector, of any size can run a Step Count Challenge and make it their own, perhaps with their own branding, logos, and, like Scottish Enterprise, incorporate an element that is unique to them.

“Fun, connection with colleagues, and feeling the benefits of walking and being more active throughout the working day are what Step Count Challenges are all about.

“The workplace is where the majority of us spend a great deal of our time, whether it’s an adapted home office or elsewhere, it’s incredibly important that staff take a break from the screen and that employers put wellbeing at the forefront of their mind.

“Walking is one of the best things we can do for our physical, social and mental health. It’s free, you don’t need special equipment, and it can be easily incorporated into the working day.

“Challenges like this help businesses put their staff’s health and wellbeing at the heart of what they do while making walking and moving more interactive and social.”

Recent findings from UK workplaces reveal that half of all employees experience poor mental health at work, including stress, anxiety and depression. Regular walking can reduce the effects of poor mental health, particularly walking in greenspace.

Physical activity can also combat against the risk of type 2 diabetes, some cancers and stroke.

For more information on hosting a bespoke Step Count Challenge, click here or email


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