Want to lead the way? Volunteer as a Walk Leader

We're on the hunt for Health Walk Volunteers

Health Walk Volunteer

We're looking for volunteers to lead Health Walks up and down the country.

We support a network of more than 800 short, social, and accessible low-level walks which are led by trained volunteers. However, since the end of the global pandemic, we've seen a decline in Walk Leaders throughout Scotland.

Fitness, friendship, fresh air

Kevin Lafferty, Chief Executive Officer of Paths for All, said: “Walk Leaders are the most integral part of a Health Walk and the time and care they give to the local communities they serve is extremely valuable.

“Health Walk Volunteers help to support the health and wellbeing of local people by providing a safe, fun and friendly space for people to be active, socialise and enjoy the outdoors. But volunteers experience many benefits too - exercise, getting outside and a having a good blether, all while helping others.

“Training is provided so volunteers feel confident and ready to lead the walks, for all ages and abilities, in their communities.”

Individuals who are looking to give back to their community, enjoy the outdoors and keeping active, or are already part of a Health Walk are encouraged to apply.

Charlotte Mackenzie, Health Walks Project Manager for Highland Third Sector Interface helps to coordinate over 200 walkers across 30 Health Walks across the Highlands.

She said:

Health Walk Leaders are the backbone of Walking Groups. For many individuals, particularly those who live in remote communities, being part of a Health Walk can be the highlight of their week making it extremely important that Health Walk Leaders are there to guide and arrange regular outings.

“Being a Walk Leader has so many benefits. I often ask the leaders I work with what they find to be the best part of their role and the feedback is normally very similar; they feel a positive change in their mental health, confidence as well as their self-esteem- which is fantastic.

“For anyone considering becoming a Health Walk Leader, I would highly recommend it. Not only will you see so many benefits for yourself but it’s great opportunity to have a positive effect on your local community.“

To find out more about becoming a Health Walk volunteer and to register your interest, fill out our short form or click here for more information.