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Our online map details over 670 free, friendly and fun Health Walks

Health Walk map

We're delighted to launch the country’s first online map showing hundreds of organised health walks in every corner of Scotland.

The new online resource shows when and where local walks are taking place as well as information about how to join them.

Over 670 walks have been registered nationally so far, from Lerwick to Dumfries and Galloway, and we are now encouraging the public to get online and join their nearest Health Walk to improve their health.

The walking map aims to make it easier for people to become more active while meeting new people in their local community. The walks are free, low-level and last around 30 minutes.

Ian Findlay CBE, Chief Officer at Paths for All, said:

Regular walking is such a powerful tool that can do wonders for your social, mental and physical health and we hope that this new map will make it easier for people to get involved in Health Walks.

“People are often surprised by how a simple, weekly walk can become such a big part of their lives. We see people build strong friendships on Health Walks and discover little bits about the local history and wildlife of the places where they live that can give them a whole new meaning and stronger sense of community.”

The volunteers who lead the walks have been trained, know the most accessible routes for people of varied abilities and ensure a warm welcome to new walkers.

There are also specialised walks, especially for people with dementia and those who have been affected by cancer.

Ian added: “There’s room for everyone on our Health Walks and we encourage you all to have a look at what’s taking place in your local area and join in.

“We expect this fantastic tool to be a big success and look forward to seeing more routes and organised walks being added to the map over time as the walking community across Scotland grows.”

The Health Walk map can be accessed at: