Why we're backing body boosting bingo

Keeping physically active is one of the best things we can do for our health and wellbeing.

Practising strength exercises on a Health Walk

Regular walking along with exercises that challenge our balance and build our strength are the perfect combination, helping us to stay active and lead healthy, happy and independent lives.

That’s why many of our Health Walks promote strength and balance exercises that can be done as a group on a walk or at home using our take-home leaflet. This helps walkers to stay active and to meet the Chief Medical Officer's Physical Activity Guidelines which recommend that older adults should aim to be active daily and incorporate activity to improve strength and balance twice each week.

When we heard about Age Scotland’s Body Boosting Bingo programme we were very keen to get onboard.

Body Boosting Bingo is a dynamic, fun and interactive way to introduce strength and balance to adults and was developed by Age Scotland’s Allied Health Professionals, Yolanda Strachan and Jenny Ackland.

Body Boosting Bingo is similar to a regular game of bingo but with a bit of a twist. It uses a variation on the familiar rhyming bingo calls which will be linked to an exercise or activity. For example ‘number 8 lift some weights’.

The activities are based on research evidence and can be tailored to meet all abilities.

We are excited to be working with Age Scotland to offer our health walk projects the opportunity to deliver Body Boosting Bingo to their walkers. It can be a great active session indoors for when pavements are too icy to walk, it can be part of a project training activity or celebration event and can even be done on a health walk.

To find out more about Age Scotland’s Body Boosting Bingo click here.