Championing an active Scotland with Movement for Health

We are delighted to be part of Movement for Health, the new Physical Activity and Long Term Conditions Coalition.

Movement for Health

We have come together with Scotland’s leading health charities with an aim to increase physical activity levels of people living with long term conditions.

The new coalition, Movement for Health focuses the role of physical activity in preventing many common diseases and improving the health and wellbeing of people living with health conditions.

Over one million people in Scotland are living with limiting long term conditions, such as arthritis or heart disease, and 46% of these people are inactive, a figure two times that of the rest of the population.  

Paths for All initiated the development of Movement for Health and are managing the coalition. We have championed the role pf physical activity, particularly walking for prevention and management of health conditions for many years. We recognised that in Scotland there could be a stronger collective voice in relation to this agenda and are pleased to have secured membership from 15 other leading health charities and other key partners.

Ian Findlay CBE, Chief Officer at Paths for All said
“The urgent need to prioritise physical activity has never been greater among leaders. 

"There are clearly barriers to participation and there are obvious complexities due to the pandemic and the impact of shielding and fear of leaving the safety of home. Many have lost fitness and been unable to continue previous physical activity behaviours. 

"This collaboration, Movement for Health brings together members who understand the barriers, motivations and support needs of people with long term conditions. Together we have access to widely influence professionals and networks who can directly support and enable people who can benefit from being more active.”