Care home residents benefit from fresh air and the chance to reminisce on Dementia Friendly Health Walks

A Dementia Friendly Health Walk has been set up by Get Walking Lanarkshire starting from Beechwood Care Home in Wishaw.

Dementia Friendly Health Walk, Beechwood Care Home, Wishaw

Beechwood Care Home Manager, Cathy Togneri thinks the Dementia Friendly Health Walk is good as it is a regular activity at 2pm on a Monday afternoon. She said:

The regular weekly walk is good for staff, residents and members of the public to view the care home as part of the community. We want to demonstrate that the care home contributes to and is part of the wider community.

“The walk encourages residents, who mainly have lived in the area, to reminisce about the places they pass. We also take residents who use wheelchairs out on the walk too so they can reminisce and benefit from fresh air.

“Staff have reported they find the walk a great way to get exercise and de-stress while at work. We are also trying to encourage visitors and members of the public to view walking as an easy and free way to support their health and well-being.”

Beechwood Care Home worked with Walking for Health project, Get Walking Lanarkshire to develop their Health Walk.

Care about Walking

We have worked with residents and staff from Parkdale Care Home in Auchterarder to develop a 'Care about Walking' resource pack. This pack supports care home residents to walk more by increasing awareness of the benefits of physical activity and using goal setting and activity tracking to record progress and achievements. Find out more on our website.