Brenda is our Macmillan Walk Leader of the Year

A Borders woman dedicated to helping people affected by cancer in her community stay active has been named as our Macmillan Walk Leader of the Year.

Brenda Robertson with her award
Brenda Robertson from Darnick near Melrose received the accolade for organising supportive local walks for people affected by cancer during our annual Volunteer Awards at the Scottish Parliament on September 20.
Brenda’s exceptional commitment to being a Walk Leader sees her turn up to weekly walks every Wednesday, regardless of the weather, even in heavy downpours when she's likely to be the only one there.
The individually-tailored programme of physical activity support is designed to help people affected by cancer to become, and stay, active at a level that’s right for them.
The former PE teacher takes great care in planning the best routes for the attendees, considering each person’s capabilities and rarely using the same paths in order to introduce the walkers to the best of the scenic routes in the area.
The impact of her volunteer work on the lives of others is striking with one of the avid walk users who recently passed away describing how the walks benefitted him physically and socially, saying that “Brenda’s weekly walks had added a year to his life". Brenda said:

I was really pleased to have been nominated, it was such a proud moment - but I am so chuffed to have won.

This award is not just about me. There is a whole team of staff and volunteers involved with the programme at Live Borders Macmillan Move More working to support people living with cancer in the best way we can.

One of the best parts of the walk is the cup of tea afterwards – the time to chat, share and listen.

I believe that sharing my love of walking is my part of that team effort. I was proud to receive this award on behalf of the Borders Move More team.

Callie Johnston, Macmillan Move More Development Officer said: “We are all thrilled with Brenda’s achievement. If anyone deserves to be recognised for the transformative work in their community, it’s her – her dedication to the programme is admirable.

“Always planning for all possible weather conditions, Brenda will appear at a walk even when it’s raining heavily, wearing her waterproofs and carrying walking essentials for everyone to use. She will lead a walk even if it would only be for one person – she cares immensely about all of our users.

“Brenda also rarely misses helping out at any of our promotion events and she is always willing and ready to help out in any way that she can. Recently, we organised a “Thank-you Day” for our volunteers and we felt that it was only right to ask Brenda to organise a walk as part of it which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.”


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