Families: Be wise outside

Here's how to stay safe and be responsible when having fun outdoors

Spring Path Days Responsible Walking

Tips to help you enjoy the outdoors responsibly

If you’re heading outdoors it’s really important to remember to be responsible. This lovely video from Visit Scotland explains why:

Nature Scot and Young Scot’s 12 short #KnowTheCode animations explain key aspects of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Here’s a few of them that will help you to be responsible in the outdoors as you head out this spring.

Exploring your local area

You have the right to explore the outdoors, and you should be responsible while doing so. These 3 animations show the places you can go in Scotland and how to be responsible when crossing farm land and crossing gates and fencing.

Places to Go

Crossing Fields

Using Gates and Fences


Being Kind

Being kind to the environment and to others is of course very important. One of the simplest ways to protect nature is to use a bin or take your litter home with you. You could always take other people’s litter home too if it is safe. It is also important to be kind to wildlife and to disturb it as little as possible. You should also be kind to other people in the outdoors – everyone has a right to be there, sharing paths and special places with you. These 3 animations show how to be kind while being responsible:


Respecting Wildlife

Sharing Paths


Good doggy

If you have a dog you must be responsible for them while in the outdoors – especially around animals and other people.  This final animation we’re sharing with you explains how to be a responsible dog walker in the outdoors.


Ideas for your family to enjoy the outdoors

  • Find and explore somewhere new in your local area.
  • Make a den in a local woodland or in your back garden
  • Be kind: Say hello to others when out on a walk; take your litter home; respect your local wildlife.