Welcome to our new website: from Chief Officer Ian Findlay

Our Chief Officer shares a few words on the launch of our new site

Ian Findlay at Big Fit Walk Launch

Welcome to Paths for All’s new website!

I’m delighted and honoured to be the first blogger on this new site.

For the past 22 years Paths for All has been in the business of communicating messages to influence behaviour.  Our vision is to create a happier and healthier Scotland where physical activity leads to a greater quality of life and sense of well being for all.

Our websites have always been a vital communication tool in helping us to achieve this vision and this new site is an important step forward in our exciting digital journey.  We live in an age where digital technology, including social media, is an integral and important part of our lives.  Our new website has been designed to take advantage of this with the aim of being the best and most inclusive communication tool it can be.

We hope you enjoy using the site and find it informative, whether that be to find a Health Walk to join, refer a patient or client to one, find the most up to date path building guidance, wish to travel actively, apply for funding opportunities, are interested in policy influencing, the list goes on …

Ultimately, if our new website encourages you to be part of the walking revolution where everyone walks, everyday, everywhere, then it’s doing its job.

Oh, and finally, the website has been designed to be completely mobile device friendly so that you can enjoy its functionality while everyday walking!

Walk more, feel the difference ….  



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