Ride-sharing scheme in East Renfrewshire given a 'lift' after securing our funding

A flagging car share initiative was given a real 'lift' after securing Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funding.

The Lifeshare scheme in East Renfrewshire

Lifeshare had been running in East Renfrewshire for a number of years, allowing council employees to car share and reduce individual trips, costs and emissions.

However, around 2017, membership suffered a dip, with fewer people engaged with the Liftshare platform.

After receiving funding, an awareness-raising drive targetted 700 of the council's 4000 employees.

Staff were enjoyed to talk to each other about their commutes and were offer prsonalised travel plans which gave viable travel options.

One council employee said

I had recently transferred from a different department and was sitting at lunch with new colleagues when I discovered that one was travelling by train to work and I passed her door on my way to work.

I offered to pick her up and we now have become firm friends. Her daughter now also travels with us in the morning and it’s great to hear all her news about activities taking place at her school. Keeps us from talking about office politics!


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This project is part of our Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme supported by Transport Scotland.