Falkirk Football Club 'Takes the Right Route'

In 2016/17, Falkirk Council began a programme of Smarter Choices Smarter Places interventions in partnership with Falkirk Football Club.

Branded 'Take the Right Route', this initiative included pitch-side and external advertising which successfully increased brand recognition and communicated messages about active and sustainable travel.

It also included a series of events that encouraged people to make more sustainable travel choices. For example, the Kelpies to Kick Off event involved a led walk, with participation incentivised in a variety of ways, such as free match-day tickets and snack vouchers.

This highly-successful event provided participants with an opportunity to get more active, socialise, get to know the local path network and support their local football team.

Evaluation of the 2016/17 Take the Right Route campaign showed it was hugely successful, thereby helping to provide Falkirk Council with an even stronger rationale for ongoing support of initiatives that positively influence local travel choices.