Our Strategy

Our vision is for a happier, healthier Scotland where physical activity improves quality of life and wellbeing for all.

Kelvingrove Park, Big Fit Walk

We want to get Scotland walking:


We will help everyone to be active for improved physical, mental and social health.

We encourage physical activity with a particular focus on everyday walking.

We work to improve environments so that people can be active everywhere.


We work passionately, together with our partners, funders, networks and volunteers to make our vision of a happier, healthier Scotland a reality.

Physical inactivity is one of the biggest public health issues affecting our society with implications for present day physical, mental and social health, as well as the future health of the people of Scotland.

We believe that walking is the key to tackling physical inactivity in our society. It is the only free, easily accessible activity that most people can do. All of our work, including mulit-use path development, promotion of active travel and our Health Walks, aims to increase levels of walking.

Our ambitious strategy gives us the foundations we need to tackle inactivity and help more people in Scotland enjoy the multiple benefits of everyday walking. Our work is focused on four main themes to help us achieve our vision.

Walking for Health

We aim to increase the number of people in Scotland walking every day, thereby improving wellbeing, reducing health inequalities and preventing ill health.

Active Environments

We aim to make outdoor environments in Scotland increasingly welcoming, safe, fit for purpose and to encourage physical activity.

Active Travel

We aim to support more people to walk and cycle for everyday short journeys, thereby improving health, creating safer communities and reducing environmental impacts.

Policy and Communications

We aim to make more people in Scotland aware of the benefits of everyday walking, physical activity and how to take part. We aim to influence policy at national and local level to have an increasing focus on physical activity.

By creating more opportunities for people to take part in walking, better places for people to be active, and motivation for people to walk more and travel actively, we will change the behaviour of the Scottish public and become a walking nation.


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