Spring Path Days: Spring, we're ready for you!

How you can enjoy and connect with nature

It’s been a challenging winter, but at last we’re beginning to see the signs of spring.

Dark days, cold nights and a strict Stay at Home message are making way for brighter, warmer weather and, from 2 April, advice to Stay Local.

It all coincides nicely with the school Easter break, and we can’t think of a better opportunity to embrace nature as a family and enjoy all spring has to offer.

Spotting the early signs of spring

Spending time in the outdoors and connecting with nature can give a huge boost to our mental and physical wellbeing. People who connect with nature and spend time enjoying the outdoors are more likely to feel happier and have less feelings of sadness or worry. Connecting with nature is all about focusing on what’s happening in the natural world, taking in the sights, sounds, scents and sensations of our surroundings. You can do this almost anywhere: from your window to your garden, your stroll to the shops to a long woodland walk. Here’s a few ideas on how to tune your senses into nature:

  • Listen as wildlife wakes up. 
  • Try our Nature Bingo
  • Look out for changes. 
  • Feel the warmth on your skin. When the sun down make an appearance, make the most of it by feeling the sun of your face and skin.
  • Breathe in the scent of spring. The smell of freshly-cut grass or how the woods smell after the rain can be really invigorating.

By spending some time ‘in the moment’, you and your family may also feel more relaxed as well as being more connected to the natural world around you.