Love to walk this Valentine’s Day

Our usual treats are off limits, so that means putting your creativity to the test and going the extra mile to make a walk special this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic walks

Connecting with all the ones you love

At Paths for All we look at Valentine's Day as an opportunity for everyone to connect with a loved one. We’re not all in a cosy bubble with our nearest and dearest. So, if you’re not with your favourite people, why not check in on them with a walking phone call on Valentine’s Day and share the sights and sounds of your walks together. 

For those lucky enough to be bubbled with their partner, family, flatmates or friends, here are a few ways to plan your day and make it special:

Time together

If you’re with a special someone, there’s nothing more important than spending quality time together – and of course a walk is perfect! Leaving screens and distractions behind and strolling together means some proper QT.

Choosing the one

The one perfect walk of course! Lockdown means we’re all staying close to home at the moment, so think about places that hold special memories for you, have lovely views, interesting history or natural features. Perhaps you can find a hidden gem, somewhere nearby you’ve not been before and take your beau to discover a new place. 

Food (and coffee) is the way to the heart

Gain some brownie points for effort by packing a picnic of your valentine’s favourite treats. Let’s be frank in our current lockdown situation, even a takeaway coffee feels like a huge treat right now! So pack a flask of hot chocolate, or make sure you’ve planned a takeaway coffee and cake stop en route.

Romantic sunsets and star gazing

We’re still in the throes of winter, but that can have its advantages as heading out in early evening might add something special to your walk. Enjoy a beautiful sunset or look up to the sky and gaze at the stars to add an air of romance.

Hold on! There’s a blizzard out there

Yes, yes, we know it is hard in winter weather! But snuggling up on the sofa with some nice food and movie will feel way more satisfying after a bracing walk together. We promise!  

Just follow our tips to tread safely, wrap up warm and enjoy your day.