Keeping your strength and balance as you age

As you age, you naturally lose muscle strength. You need to stay strong to prevent falls when you walk and maintain your independence.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines suggest that older adults aged 65+ need to perform strength and balance exercises at least twice a week.

We have compiled 8 simple exercises you can do yourself at home and made them into simple animated videos or watch fitness trainer, Vivienne McNiven with Fife Council perform the exercises in our video.

  1. Introduction
  2. Sit to stand
  3. Heel raises
  4. Toe raises
  5. Side hip strength
  6. Sideways walkings
  7. Front knee strength
  8. Back knee strength
  9. Knee bends
  10. Complete set of exercises

You can find out more about our Strength and Balance exercises on our website.

You can watch our whole collection of strength and balance videos here.

If you are needing some inspiration to start fitting strength and balance exercises into your day watch the video below of care home staff helping one resident, Anne to use a corridor rail for sideways walking exercises.