Winter walking motivation

It can be hard to find the motivation to go out for a walk, especially in winter.

Fitness Tracker

That's why we're sharing a few tried and tested tips to help you plan your day to include a walk.

  • Check the weather forecast to plan when to go for a walk 
  • Keep your warm winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, good grip shoes and umbrella by the door 
  • Set a reminder on your phone 
  • Write 'Daily Walk' on your calendar, in your diary or put a reminder sign around the house 
  • Schedule a walk with a friend, family member or neighbour 
  • Ask your carer to take you out
  • Walk to the shops or for local errands 
  • Go for a virtual walk and talk with a friend. Read how Helen and Tommy used What's App with their Health Walk groups
  • Plan a walk to somewhere you haven't visited before
  • Choose a Creative Walking idea
  • Use a tracking device, phone app or pedometer to log your daily step count and encourage you to reach your target. You can buy pedometers, smart bands and odometers for wheelchairs online. You can use our Care About Walking Wall Chart to record your steps. 

Margot uses a fitness tracker and finds it very useful. 

My daughter bought me a fitness tracker for Christmas. Being able to see my daily step count gave me the motivation to get out each day and meet my target (or even beat it!). Before I knew it, I had set myself my own personal ‘step challenge’. This started off as a random stroll on sunny days and then developed into a planned route for a minimum of one all weathers! My new challenge was not only a pleasant distraction, it also instantly lifted my mood and improved my general wellbeing.

Vera uses a FitBit to help her reach her 5,000 daily step target and goes for walk with her daughter. Watch their video below