Strength & Balance Workshop - Elgin

Learn how to deliver simple strength & balance exercises

Strength and balance exercises

Training Course Details

Roy McPherson
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When & Where

Elgin Community Centre, Trinity Road, Elgin IV30 1UE



This is a half day workshop for Walk Leaders who lead walks within Walking for Health projects in a range of settings. This course is delivered by an experienced trainer with Otago/Later Life experience.

What will I learn?:

  • Increase your understanding about the effects of ageing
  • Explore the benefits of an active older age
  • Identify how active we need to be, based on the ‘Start Active, Stay Active’ 2013 guidelines
  • Try out the Strength and Balance exercises
  • Group discussion about promoting strength and balance exercises with walkers

How do I book? Please email the course organiser - Roy McPherson