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Spring to life with your family this April

Spring Path Days

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Picnics, den-building, woodland walks, nature spotting, garden camping and creating eco sanctuaries for birds, bugs and wildlife are all possible again as the days becoming longer, brighter and warmer.

So, as the kids take their Easter break from school, we’re excited to launch our four-week Spring Path Days campaign which is all about enjoying and connecting with nature and making new memories as a family.

We’ve got plenty of ideas to keep the little ones busy with simple, outdoor, nature-based activities that can boost health, happiness and wellbeing.

30 days of fun for your family

There's tonnes of ideas and inspiration to suit your family in our '30 days of fun' calendar. 

Win a den building kit

We have £1000 worth of prizes to offer to children and families who tell us how they are having fun by keeping active outdoors.

Anyone who tells us or sends a photo of what they've been doing this spring could win one of 10 cool den-building kits. 

One lucky winner will also win a £500 voucher for their school to spend on outdoor educational resources.


John Duffy, our Community Paths Senior Development Officer said:

We know that after a cold and difficult winter and months of home schooling, families will be looking forward to a change in the seasons and spending quality, stress-free time together.

We know that people gain huge benefits from being outdoors and that everyday walking can increase both physical and mental wellbeing, as can taking the time to be outdoors and to connect with nature.

So it’s been really positive to see a recent rise in the number of people accessing their parks and greenspaces.

Our friends at NatureScot carried out surveys in 2020 which showed that 39% of people spent more time in the outdoors in August/ September compared to the previous year. This was especially the case with the under-25s and those with children, so we know how much families value being in the fresh air and away from screens.

That’s why we want to make sure families have a memorable Easter break by being inspired to try something new and share what they have been up to with us.

Over the next month, we’ll share some easy ways families can enjoy exploring the outdoors while being responsible and even do a few micro volunteering projects to protect our walking routes and outdoor spaces.

And, when it’s time to return to school after the holidays, we’ll produce our top tips to encourage more active travel to and from school such as walking, wheeling and scooting.