Autumn Path Days

We are encouraging families to get outside in October and have hours of fun with our Autumn Path Days campaign.

Autumn Path Days

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Running for the whole of October, ahead of the COP26 Glasgow - Climate Summit 2021, we have gathered some simple but effective ways to help families discuss and tackle climate change and nature loss to show we all can play our small part to address these big problems.

We have a feature on easy ways families can tackle climate change together by walking to school, using their 20-minute neighbourhood, looking after their local paths and reporting path problems. Plus, sharing their #AutumnPathDays activities far and wide with their nearest and dearest and in our competition too.

Read our 5 fun ways families can tackle climate change together to help you reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time.

Autumn is a great time to tune into nature with its amazing colours showcasing the beauty of decay. Finding out more about the wild neighbours on your street using online Apps or taking a quick pic is a modern way to be a scientist identifying and recording wildlife. There are more practical activities you can try, like making a hedgehog highway to let Scotland's only prickly mammal walk freely when foraging for food.

Check out our 5 fun ways families can reverse nature decline and increase biodiversity by caring for their local wildlife.

We also have a calendar of 31 daily ideas to get you outside in October connecting with nature.

Plus, our competition to win one of 5 Nature explorer kits when you share your #AutumnPathDays activities to help inspire others to get outside this October.


Want to find out more?

NatureScot has information on more things you can do to make small changes in your home, garden and lifestyle to tackle climate change. They also have lots of ideas for you to #MakeSpaceForNature in your life.

Parent Club has information on talking to your child about climate change.