How to organise an office 'Christmas do' in 2020

We do love a Zoom quiz but why not incorporate some time away from the screen this year to get into the festive spirit

Christmas out of office

The office party is going to look a little different this year. We may be missing gathering in the office for some mince pies but there are still ways we can spread some festive cheer at work this year (which don’t all have to be sitting in front of a screen).

We’ve put together our top suggestions for organisations to say thank you to staff and have some fun together, after what’s been a difficult year.


Give the gift of a walk

It is as simple as it sounds. Allow staff some paid worktime to spend outdoors, away from screens and workloads. Spending time outdoors can boost our mood and make us feel good.


Festive walking bingo

Get in the Christmas mood by downloading our Walking Bingo and challenging your team to complete it on their next local walk. Bring a family member or meet a friend to complete it with for a safe Christmas outdoor activity.


Christmas charades

A zoom party where you don’t have to sit down! A classic game of charades - but online - means you and your workmates will get to move around, break up sitting time, and have a laugh too!


Give back this Christmas

Allow your staff a couple of hours during the day to volunteer their time outdoors. They could do something as simple as rake the leaves, ice or snow from a neighbour’s path or garden, or venture further afield to do a mini clean up on a local path. Check out our tips for easy activities anyone could do to make paths safer and more attractive including litter picks, cutting overhanging branches or cleaning signage.


Photo competition

Encourage staff to get outdoors and explore their local area by running a photo competition. You could get serious and ask for picture perfect landscape photographs, or have some fun and challenge staff to find the best outdoors location to photograph a mince pie.


Scavenger hunt

A fun way to get everyone involved and moving around whilst meeting virtually is by running a scavenger hunt. Start the clock and challenge collegues to race around their homes (or working space) to find a list of objects. Here are a few items to get you started: a baby photo, a Christmas decoration, a VHS...


Spotify playlist

What is more festive than listening to Christmas music? Set up a shared playlist between your staff and encourage everyone to head out on a walk to listen to it.


Virtual cosy yoga

Host a virtual yoga session for staff, like this gift of relaxation yoga on YouTube, to allow staff to really unwind before heading into the holidays.