Find your motivation to walk your way through January

Podcasts, fundraising challenges or goal setting - we've all got different motivations, find yours to Walk Once a Day this January!

Walk Once a Day in January

It’s not the start of the new year we had hoped for, but it’s still a good time to reset, set new goals and try different things.

If you’ve already pledged to walk once a day this January then that’s great! (If you haven’t, you can do it now here). But, what will keep you motivated to keep going all month?

We’ve got some suggestions to help, take a look and decide what works for you!

Raise funds for causes close to your heart

Lots of charities have set up walking or fitness challenges as a way to raise vital funds, whilst helping you to get moving! Here are some to explore:

Doddie Aid – track your activity to raise money for My Name’5 Doddie Foundation

Move for Mind – a 30 day activity challenge for mental health

Take on 250 for RNIB - 250 minutes or hours, involve 250 steps or laps, or 250 repetitions, choose your own goal and timeframe

Challenge Yourself, Change Dementia - set yourself a personal goal for January or February to challenge yourself and change dementia


Binge listen to motivating podcasts

Have you already binge watched the entire back catalogue on Netflix? It’s time to binge listen instead. Build a daily podcast listen into your day and walk as you go. Here are some of our favourites to get you started:

Feel better, live more by Dr Rangan Chatterjee – leading health experts offer easy health life-hacks and debunk common health myths.

Move your DNA with Katy Bowman – biomechanist Katy tells you how to move your DNA for a healthier life.

BBC Earth podcast – a collection of immersive stories to connect us to our natural world.

Ted Health podcast – expert ideas on how we can all live healthier lives.

The habit coach with Ashdin Doctor – learn how to create healthy habits around sleep, de-stressing, movement and nutrition.


Set yourself some targets

Set yourself a step count or a distance target to achieve on your walks during January. Here are some suggestions:

  • Plan a virtual route, like the West Highland Way or from John o' Groats to Gretna Green, and walk the equivalent distance. You can use a tool like this one to convert your steps to distance or you could sign up to a programme like World Walking to track virtual walking routes around the world.
  • Set yourself a daily step target. Be realistic! If you're motivated by the 10,000 steps wrist buzz from your fitness tracker then work towards that each day, but if 3000 steps are more of a realistic target for you then go with that! As a rough guide, 30 minutes of walking is about 3000 steps and 1.5 miles. For some extra help you can download our 12 week walking programme diary.


Make a commitment with a walking buddy

Under the latest restrictions introduced on 5 January, two people can meet outdoors for a walk from two different households. Why not make a regular plan to meet someone who lives local to you so you can walk together? It might be;

  • a neighbour who lives alone,
  • an older adult who lives locally,
  • or a colleague who is nearby.

You'll not only have a reason to get out and get walking, but you'll be helping someone else to spend time outdoors, keep active and enjoy some social interaction. Click here for our tips on how to meet up and walk safely with someone.