Bring new fun to a regular walk

Meeting some resistance when you suggest going on a walk? Jazz it up with challenge or two

If your youngsters pull a face the next time to suggest a quick walk round the block, make sure you're armed with some cool ideas on how to make it more fun.

We've developed a new Nature Bingo game to help get kids excited about a daily walk. Print it off, get searching for nature's top finds and let your litter nature detectives tick off the items as you go.

More activities to try on a short walk from your front door

Guess the steps - If you have an activity tracker on your wrist or phone, set the kids a challenge to guess who many steps you'll take from your house to destination they know. The play park, the post box, the supermarket or their friend's house are good locations to start.

Walking word games - If you get children lost in a game, they'll forgot they are walking so far. Verbal games like Opposites, I Spy, Odd One Out and What's Better are all great fun on the move. Memory games like I Went to the Market work well too. For older kids, make these more challenging by adding some maths. "What's the odd one out in this group: 8, 16, 32, 45?"

Walkie Talkie - Walking phone calls aren't just from grown ups, kids can enjoy them too. If they want a quick blether with a friend, or have a check-in with a grandparent due, do it on a walk.

More ideas?

It's great to see so many ideas to help keep families happy and healthy during lockdown. Here's a fee that caught our eye:

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