Families: Back to school

Find out how your commute to the classroom can be way more fun if you ditch the car.

When the time comes to head back to school, how will you be getting there?  

Have you chosen to ditch the car and walk, cycle or scoot to school with the kids?

Not only will you be healthier and happier, you'll be doing your bit to protect the planet too. If you'd like to enjoy a more active way of getting to school, here's a few ideas to get you, your child and your school moving.

Talk to your school about linking up with Living Streets’ Wow Tracker to log your journeys and to earn badges for leaving the car at home. 

Why not use the walk to or from school as an opportunity to explore your local area? Here's a few ideas:

Take the long way home by finding existing routes or creating new ones with the Go Jauntly app. This app helps you to discover walks that others have created or you can create and share your own walks with others. 

Why not have a treasure hunt on your walk to school and try out geocaching?  Geocaching is a fun activity where you search for containers that other people have hidden. You can then sign the logbook to show you’ve found it; trade small objects; and tell people about it online.

If you want to find greenspaces to explore on the way to school, or even if you’re just not sure where your local greenspaces are, you can check out this great, free map on the Ordnance Survey website. This started as a Greenspace Scotland project but it has now been expanded to include England and Wales too.

You could also use the time to find our more about the natural world and to connect with nature:

You can use the Zepto app to record your own nature observations and to explore the natural world around you. The app has been developed for NatureScot and is available for iOS and an Android version is coming soon.

The Woodland Trust have developed the Tree ID app that can be used to identify native and non-native trees. By answering simple questions in the app about the leaves, bark, wigs, buds, flowers or fruit you can identify the tree.

If you are an Android user, you can use the Google Lens app to take a photo of a natural object, such as a leaf or a berry. It will then try to identify the object by comparing it to other pictures in its database. It’s not 100% perfect but it can be fun to see if it can identify the object.