Managing winter weather

Scotland is renowned for its changeable weather. That's what makes every walk unique.

Walking in winter
Don't let the thought of Scotland's weather stop you getting outside to enjoy a walk once a day this winter.
Checking the weather forecast can help you plan the best time to venture outdoors.
The Met Office and BBC Weather provide online weekly forecasts for your town.
You can watch the BBC Weather's daily forecast here.

Knowing the weather for the day ahead will also help you plan what to wear. Choose warm clothing such as a thick jacket, hat, scarf and gloves. Wear shoes with a good grip and choose a walking stick that is the right height. The consumer site - Which? have advice online.

Securing a grab rail to your doorway or near steps, railings or slopes will give you extra support leaving and entering your home.

If you are walking on icy pavements use shoe grips and walk like a penguin:

  • walk flat-footed
  • take short steps
  • use your arms for balance
  • use shoe grips

Find out more online.

If it’s been snowing or icy you might want to wait until the pavements have been gritted or ploughed or ask a neighbour to salt your paths. 

Many of our Health Walkers tell us that once they get into the habit of regular walking the weather doesn’t stop them. Maureen told us: 

Let's face it, if you didn't go out because of the weather, you'd never go anywhere.

Our 2020 Health Walk Group of the Year - Ageing Well Midlothian offer physical activities for people aged over 50. They walk in all weathers. Watch their video below.


Unfortunately our Health Walks are not permitted in Scotland's level 4 restriction areas as of 5th January 2021. Sign up to our Paths for All email newsletter to hear about the restarting of Health Walks when restrictions are eased. 

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