Getting from A to B the active way

Our daily travel choices really do make a difference. Choosing to travel actively, by walking or cycling for everyday journeys can benefit your health, fitness and community – not to mention your wallet.

Walking to work

Research shows that on average 18% of journeys we take are under 1km long, and 41% are under 3km. These shorter journeys are perfect for switching from driving to walking or cycling.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of choosing to travel actively:

  • Keep fitter – everyday physical activity brings a host of health benefits. Even short walks make a difference to health.
  • Feel better – unwind, reduce stress and sleep better.
  • Learn to appreciate your local area and feel more connected to your community.
  • It’s greener. Walking or cycling, will save carbon, cut pollution and reduce congestion.

Our tips to get from A to B the active way

We've researched the most common daily short journeys people take. Could you incorporate some activity into your everyday journeys?

  • Your daily commute 
    Could you make all or part of your journey to work or study on foot? Perhaps you could walk to the train or bus stop if your commute is longer. 
  • A trip to the shops
    Need a pint of milk or a newspaper from your local corner shop? You could blow away the cobwebs and choose an active alternative to getting in the car. 
  • Meeting or visiting friends and family 
    If you’re meeting up, try and choose a venue you can walk to, whether café, park, or house. 
  • Taking a child to school 
    You could walk, cycle, skip or scoot there together and set some healthy habits for life. You’ll do your bit to reduce traffic congestion and have cleaner air at the school gates. 

We recognise there are practical reasons such as distance or time pressure that can get in the way of choosing to travel actively. But we also know it is 100 percent worth the effort to try and do it more often!