Smarter Choices, Smarter Places 2015/16 Projects

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active travelThe first £5 million pot of Scottish Government funds to encourage less car use and more journeys by foot, bicycle, public transport and car share was awarded in 2015. Funds were allocated on a population basis to local authorities, enabling projects to be implemented from April 2015.  An overview of the first programme of projects is available to download:

icon SCSP Programme Overview (793.95 kB)

Each area will use a different range of local measures to meet the needs of their target communities. A summary of local authority projects and partners is available to download: 

icon SCSP Projects Overview (111.02 kB)

SCSP 2015/16 Programme Evaluation

Following on from the implementation of the Projects, an evaluation report was prepared.  This can be downloaded here:

icon Smarter Choices Smarter Places 2015.16 Final Evaluation Summary.pdf (318.78 kB) 

Headline findings are:

It is clear that the 2015-16 SCSP programme was successful at enabling smarter travel work to be undertaken in many areas where it would not otherwise have been funded.

One year was a very short timescale in which to implement Smarter Travel initiatives and expect to observe impacts. Nonetheless, impacts were reported by many projects in their Completion Reports, albeit on limited data:

  • 16 reported increased cycling
  • 13 reported increased walking
  • 12 reported increased awareness
  • 12 reported improved satisfaction
  • 10 projects reported corresponding impacts on car use
  • 9 reported increased willingness to change behaviour

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