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Lorraine Clarkson never imagined pushing a buggy would help her get active and make new friends on the way.

Since taking part in the Bonny Strollers group in Bonnybridge, Lorraine has more energy and generally feels a lot healthier.

The Bonny Strollers group in Stirlingshire offers mums the chance to get active by joining an organised event every Friday which involves them pushing their buggies while they walk and talk.

She explained: “After giving birth to my second son last November, I found it difficult to make the time to go out for walks as I also have a three-year-old. The only time I usually made it over the doorstep was to drive my son to his school nursery.

“I was told about the Bonny Strollers group through an informal chat with my health visitor and decided to give it a go.

“I didn’t know what to expect but it has made a huge difference to me – in just a few months, it has given me more confidence and is a great way of getting active. When I first started out, I got out of breath quickly but with every week that I attend, I feel I can walk further than before.

“As well as being good for my physical health, it’s also fantastic for my mental health. Instead of being stuck in the house, it gives me an opportunity to get outdoors, get fresh air, and meet other people.

“I get talk to other mums and the health visitor during the walks. Even though I’m a second time mum, there’s always something new to discover as no two babies are the same.

“The buggy walks are a chance to have a laugh and it has now spurred me on to do other walks when I can during the week.”

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