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Diana Findlay aged 81, looks forward to her weekly walk. diana findlay

She led an active family life working until she was 70. “I used to be in a walking group years ago, but now I’m on my own. I find it more difficult to get out of the house and meet people. I look forward to the Health Walk every week. It has become really important to me.”

The pace of the walk suits Diana. “I don’t feel confident to walk far these days. Some days I’m not sure how far I will manage. I like that the route starts and finishes from the same place and I can slow down if I need to.”  Diana tries to get along to the walk every week and fit in more activities.

“Apart from the walk, I play bowls once a week. I find it easy to be busy in the mornings doing whatever shopping I need, but the walks and bowling are the only things that get me out of the house in the afternoons.

The group is very friendly and we have such different discussions each week as we are walking or having a coffee at the end of the walk.  We don’t walk fast so there is plenty of opportunity to look around and enjoy what we see. The company is lovely and the other walkers have become friends.”

The Rosemount Walk meet every Thursday at Westburn Outdoor Centre from 2-3pm. The walk is organised by Walk Aberdeen.



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