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Since retiring, Bert Hannah has walked his way back to better health.

The 64-year-old says being more active has boosted his physical health, general wellbeing and allowed him to spend better quality time with his family.

“From the age of 18 to 53, I became increasingly inactive, developed high blood pressure and became overweight till I was clinically obese and very lackadaisical ,” he explained.

“It was after a gall bladder operation in 2003, I decided to do more walking to get myself back on my feet.

“As I haven’t done any kind of activity for so long, I found walking was a good way to get active again but to start doing a wee bit at a time, incorporating it into my daily routine so it didn’t feel like I was doing something extra.

“Instead of taking the bus or car, I would try to walk to places. Over time, I found I had much more energy, lost weight, and felt good.”

 By being more active, Bert, who is now a walk leader in Fife, also achieved his goal of walking the West Highland Way – something he thought would always be out of his reach.

“Walking has brought me closer to my 33-year-old son who I now spend more time with – we often go for a walk together with his dog and have a good chat.”

Bert’s walking has also made it easy for him to enjoy playing golf with his 11-year-old grandson and spurred his granddaughter to run in the Cancer Research Race for Life last year at the age of 12.

“I can jump on a bike to go for a cycle or run around with them and just enjoy that precious time so much more.”

Bert also helps out with a lunchtime walking club for primary pupils as part of a Fife Active Schools initiative and has led walks for the Paths to Health project.

Walking has also made Bert think about other aspects of his life, including what he eats to try and maintain his lower weight and to give him energy for his walks.



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