Volunteer Welcome Booklet

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To show our commitment towards supporting Volunteer Walk Leaders, we have produced a Volunteer Walk Leader Booklet to help you make the most of your experience.  All new volunteers who attend Volunteer Walk Leader training will be sent the booklet, a badge and 15% discount to use with Cotswold Outdoors.  You can download an electronic version of Volunteer Walk Leader Booklet here: icon Volunteer Welcome Booklet (1.83 MB)

You can also download further documents to help you in your leading role:


Feeling Good? - share your secret icon Feeling Good - share your secret (43.65 kB)

Keeping Safe - developing a code of conduct for your health walking group icon Keeping safe - developing a code of conduct (34.28 kB)

Monitoring and Evaluation - you are a leading success icon Monitoring and Evaluation - you are a leading sucess (31.92 kB)

Progression Activities - keeping walkers active icon Progression activities – keeping walkers active (43.02 kB)

Recruiting Volunteers - reaching more people icon Recruiting Volunteers (169.09 kB)

Resources - staying informed icon Resources - staying informed (43.95 kB)

Troubleshooting - dealing with group dynamics icon Troubleshooting – dealing with group dynamics (64.6 kB)

Venturing Out - ideas on where to walk icon Venturing out – ideas on where to walk (38.22 kB)

Walking in Bad Weather - ideas to keep everyone active and in touch over winter icon Walking in Bad Weather (21.63 kB)

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