Training for Health Walk projects in the community

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We have a range of training courses to give volunteers the skills to lead Health Walks. The chart below shows the pathway of training courses available to equip volunteers to lead enjoyable, safe and accessible walks. 

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Our Courses

  • Walk Leader Training: A one day course to enable volunteers to lead safe and effective Health Walks in a community setting as part of a Health Walk project. This course can be delivered for groups of up to 20 volunteers. 
    icon Course brochure - Walk Leader Training (139.49 kB)

  • Refresher Walk Leader Training: A half-day workshop for Volunteer Walk Leaders trained more than 2 years ago. The workshop will refresh and reinforce the key elements of leading a community Health Walk, introduce new ideas and update your knowledge of physical activity evidence. 
    icon Course brochure - Refresher Walk Leader Course (109.27 kB)

  • Inclusion Training: This is an interactive and practical one day course for Walk Leaders which builds on existing knowledge and experience by increasing confidence in supporting the inclusion of disabled people. 
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  • Safety Outdoors Training: This is an interactive and practical one day course for Walk Leaders which builds on existing knowledge and experience by increasing confidence in risk assessment, route planning and emergency action.
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  • Strength and Balance Training: This half day workshop will explain why walking plus strength and balance provide the key to active older age. Walk Leaders will learn how to do simple exercises which help to promote independence and reduce the risk of falls.
    icon Course brochure - Strength and Balance Community Course (250.3 kB)

 Arrange training for your volunteers

If you're a Health Walk project co-ordinator or trainer, please complete our online booking form to organise a training course for your volunteers or Walk Leaders.

Organise a training course

Are you a Walk Leader who would like to do more training?

 If you are already a Walk Leader you could consider doing further Paths for All training to refresh your skills or specialise in a particular area such as safety or disability inclusion. Take a look at our events calendar to find a course in your area. You could also contact your local Health Walk project who will be able to help.

Would you like to become a Walk Leader?


If you would like to be a Walk Leader we recommend you link up with your local Health Walk project, please contact your local Paths for All Development Officer. They will put you in touch with a project near you who will help you get involved.

Any questions?

If you've any further questions about our training please get in touch by email or call 01259 218 888.





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