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Our online Walkers Database helps local health walking projects throughout Scotland collect and report on information about their health walks, walkers and walk leaders. It also assists projects to monitor walker numbers, see walker profiles and physical activity levels, mail merge addresses and keep track of details of specific interest to them.

Project Coordinators have said:
'We love it! Invaluable to the project'
'I don't know what I'd do without it. I use it all the time.'

Why should Walking for Health Projects in Scotland use the Walkers Database?

It is mandatory for community walking for health projects that are funded by Paths for All to use the Walkers Database.

Local projects find it useful because it helps them feed back information and down-loadable reports to their members, partners and funders which showcase their walking successes.  It is also useful for project evaluation.

Paths for All reports on the aggregated figures from the Database to the Scottish Government on a regular basis to demonstrate the real benefits of health walking. We press for a higher profile for health walking in Scotland and continued funding for all health walk projects. So it is important that as many local projects as possible use the Database so that the data represents health walkers throughout the country.

Here’s what’s involved:

  • Contact Paths for All for a username and password for the Database if you don’t already have one
  • Download and print off copies of the New Walker Form (please note it is double-sided) or order hard copies from Paths for All We'll also send you a large stamped addressed envelope for returning the forms to us
  • Ask all your new walkers to fill in the form
  • Check your project name is correct on each form and that the form is signed. It is also helpful if you write your Database username in the top right corner of the form 
  • Ask walkers to provide an email address on the form where possible
  • Post the forms back to us using the stamped addressed envelope provided
  • We’ll enter the information into the Database
  • After 6 months, we’ll email a follow-up survey to new walkers who have provided an email address and will input their responses into the Database
  • We’ll send you anonymised feedback comments that your walkers give us when they complete the follow-up survey

You can download reports from the Database showing walker contact details, profile information and initial and follow up physical activity information. You can enter updates to your walkers’ information such as change of address or emergency contact phone numbers.  You can enter if the walker is also a walk leader.  You can also enter details of when your walks take place and how many walkers participate and then run reports on walk numbers. 

Who can use the Walkers Database?

If you are a Project that is running health walks in the community, then you may be able to use the Database to record and present your information – just give the Development Officer for your area a ring.


We do believe that this database is very easy to use and an online User Guide is included on your Project's Database pages. Ongoing support is also offered. Download the user guide here:

 icon Walkers Database Users Guide (1023.61 kB) 

If you already have a username and password, you can click here to Login to Walkers Database.

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