Project Coordinators Support – Monitoring and Evaluation

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Why Monitor and Evaluate your project?

Monitoring and evaluation is essential for project planning and delivery. It can help you to:
β€’    Learn from your work
β€’    Deliver the best possible service
β€’    Report back to partners and funders

Our Walkers Database

Our database is a fantastic tool to help you record information, and monitor and evaluate your outcomes. It is mandatory that our funded projects use the Walkers Database.

The 6 month project review

We ask all our funded projects to complete a report every 6 months. This helps you keep track of how your project is going, and allows us to review projects across the country. For more information you can download our Monitoring & Evaluation guidance note (no. 4) or speak to your local Development Officer.

Walk Glasgow evaluation case study

The Walk Glasgow project developed a monitoring and evaluation strategy in 2010. The process involved expert guidance from Evaluation Support Scotland. A consultation was then held with the Walk Glasgow steering group to define outcomes and indicators. Then consultation took place with walkers and walk leaders to sense check the approach.

Walk Glasgow have agreed to share their key evaluation documents:
β€’    Project Report icon Walk Glasgow Evaluation report (427.99 kB)
β€’    Evaluation Framework icon WG Evaluation Framework (29.95 kB)
β€’    Walk Leader Survey (online survey) icon Walk Leader survey (102.34 kB)
β€’    Walker Questionnaire icon Walker questionnaire (49.16 kB)

For more information about the Walk Glasgow evaluation, email the Walk Glasgow Project Coordinator Heather Macleod.

Other ways of monitoring your project

β€’    Online Surveys. We recommend Survey Monkey for producing online surveys. Contact our Corporate Services team.
     if you need help to set this up
β€’    Our postcards are an informal way of requesting feedback about your walks – you can order them here.
β€’    Walk About Stirling has produced a useful Walker Evaluation toolkit.

Walking for Health research summaries

We have been involved with a number of external research projects over the years. Many of these are applied research projects, and have a practical application.  You can download the research summaries here.

Useful links

β€’    Evaluation Support Scotland give support with monitoring and evaluation, with guides, toolkits and training.
β€’    The Charities Evaluation Service website contains a number of useful guides to evaluation.
β€’    The Scottish Physical Activity Research Collaboration (SPARColl) is focusing on research into walking to
      provide more robust evidence for making policy to promote physical activity.
β€’    The SROI (Social Return on Investment) Network provides an approach to understanding and managing the
      impacts of a project, organisation or policy. This approach puts financial value on the important impacts  
      identified by stakeholders.
β€’    Greenspace Scotland provide useful tools such as Health Impact Assessment and logic modelling guidance.

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