Your alternative moon landing messages

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Written by Carl

Thanks to everyone who sent in an alternative moon landing message, we got some crackers! We'll announce the winners of the prize draw later in the week. In the meantime, here's a few of your messages:

"Buzz... Buzz... Did you bring the camera?" Andy Farrington, Dumfries and Galloway College 

"Uh oh! I locked the keys inside!.. Houston we have a problem" Taryn Young, Read Well Services 

"I heard this is a great place to be, but I'm not coming back again... there's just no atmosphere" Gary Marks, Maris Subsea (Global Energy Group) 

"Wow ‚Äď Professor Brian Cox was right...but the music really does need turning down" Emma Christie, Global Resource Management Ltd¬†

"What do you mean you left the flag in the office?" Billy Gillies, Langstane Housing Association 

Food, and in particular cheese, was a popular theme... 

"I carried these cracker's all the way up here and there's no cheese to put on them!" Ann Cullen, Scottish Power 

"We made it! Going out to look for blue cheese..." Hayley Brown, Highland Council 

"Wallace and Gromit were wrong, it's not made of cheese..." Lisa Melvin, STV 

"Full moon. Half Moon. Total Eclipse. Now where's those Jaffa Cakes" Darren Smith, Aberdeen College 

As were Sat Navs and directions... 

"Told you that SAT NAV wasn't working should have turned right when it said left" Sandra Dalgarno, NTP Kitchens 

"The moon? I was looking for the party at number 23" Alison McLelland, Scottish Power

And here's one for the conspiracy theorists... 

"Hey, this moon looks like a film set!" Paul McNicoll, Procurator Fiscal's Office, Dundee 

And if you needed any proof that there is life on Mars, check out this picture from the team at Global Energy Group...



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