We Crown Our Step Count Champion!

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Written by Carl

We have spent a long time sifting through and deliberating over the many nominations for Step Count Champion and choosing just one winner was a tough task.

There are clearly lots of really motivated people out who are getting their colleagues to walk more and feel the difference and we were moved by some of the nominations.


However, we had to choose a winner and the Step Count Champion for 2013 is Catherine Bertuccelli from The Bean Counters at East Renfrewshire Council. Catherine was nominated by a number of her colleagues and it was clear that she kept her team on their toes with her emails, Monday morning texts, progress charts and stickers for reaching goals and personal achievements. Catherine’s approach to success hasn’t been to get her team to go on hikes or climb mountains but to encourage small changes here and there like walking to work.

Her colleague Graham D’Arcy said “I have never taken exercise seriously. During the eight weeks with Catherine’s motivation and the Step Count Challenge, I have become fitter, healthier and more conscious of my lifestyle. I have lost 11lbs in weight and feel in much better shape. Catherine also presented me with blister plasters and a new pair of socks at the end of the challenge. My normal step count before the challenge on a daily basis was roughly 2,000 and during the challenge my average daily count was 13,412.”

We all felt that Catherine was a worthy winner. She will receive a digital camera and a £25 Schuh voucher.

Step Count Champion Runners-Up

Alongside our winner we also had 2 runners-up who each win a £25 Cotswold Outdoor voucher.

Susan Allan is our first runner-up. Susan is the Team Captain for the Plan Bees at NHS Borders. Susan’s teammate April wrote a really moving piece about how Susan had supported her in the challenge. April said “I am not a great walker but decided to give it a go and be part of the team. I was very disappointed in myself when I saw my results at the end of the first week compared to everyone else in the team, I felt like I was letting the team down and thought “I can’t do this”. Susan was very positive, saying it wasn’t a race and the whole concept was to increase your steps and keep going.

“If it hadn’t been for her I really think I would have given up. Not only has she motivated me during the challenge but she has motivated me to improve my lifestyle and she has done it with understanding and without judgement. She is unaware of how much she has actually done for me and it has all been from being her normal caring self.”

Our second runner-up is Julie Stewart from These Feet Were Made for Walking at EDP Renewables. Julie was nominated by her colleague Mary Horsburgh who described how Julie had gradually increased the team’s activity during the challenge by keeping goals realistic and achievable.

Mary said “Julie has encouraged lunch time walking (instead of sitting at desks), walking to work (instead of public transport), walking the 4 flights of stairs to our office (instead of taking the lift) and walks after work to de-stress after a hard day in the office.” On top of all this, Julie has also been studying for her accountancy exams.

What a star!

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