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Written by Carl

office pedometer packs do good lores 128

 I was reading through some comments in a previous post and came across some simple but effective tips posted by Taryn from READ Well Services on how to increase your step count. I thought I'd share them with you again.

1) A good way to get more steps in is when you are taking washing to your washing machine, split up the laundry and do multiple trips instead of one

2) Instead of parking your car as near as possible to work or the shops, park it a little distance away and get more steps in

3) Walk up every aisle in the shops- bad for the bank account but great for the pedometer :)

4) Instead of phoning colleagues/ managers- walk to their office and get extra steps in

5) Go to the furthest toilet, photocopier, scanner etc to get those extra steps in

Thanks Taryn!

Have you got any more top tips? Share them by leaving a comment below.


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