Top Ten Walk at Work Themed Movies

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Written by Frances Bain


Not content with our Top Ten Walking Tunes, Les Paton from Job Centre Plus in Arbroath (Team Willie Walker and the Chocolate Factorettes!) has submitted their Top Ten Walking Inspired Movies!


1. 'The Last of the Moccasins'

2. 'A Clogwork Orange'

3. 'Trainerspotting'

4. 'Heels Angels'

5. 'Blazing Sandals'

6. 'The Good, the Bad and the Uggies'

7. 'Sandal Wars: Return of the Wedge' (Featuring Darth Waders & Luke Mulewalker)

8. 'The Clogfather'

9. 'The Loafer, the Wedge and the Wardrobe: Voyage of the Lawn Treader'

10.'Lord of the Sling-backs: The Fellowship of the Sling'

Some great suggestions, can you add any more!?

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