The Teasles' Secret of Success

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Written by Carl

We asked Elaine from the Teasles who have been at the top of the League Table over the past few weeks to let is into the secret of their success. Here’s what Elaine had to say:

“My name is Elaine Stakim and I am team captain of the fabulous The Teasles. My team mates are; Margaret Worrall (auld stoat), Ian McCrae (fit), Arlene Brown (reasonably fit) and Ann Watson (super fit). As for me, I just plod along looking the part.

walking group

“We all work in different departments (Embroidery, Weaving, Finishing & Warehouse) at Alex Begg & Co who have been making luxury cashmere scarves since 1866. This was also the inspiration for our team name as a teasle is a dried plant that is imperative in the finishing process of our beautiful cashmere scarves!

“The challenge itself started when the three teams, The Teasles, Team Alex and Team Begg signed up for the Step Count Challenge. We originally decided to have an in house competition but that was quickly pushed aside when ‘the enemies’ knew they had no chance! The REAL challenge for our team was maintaining our position at the top of the Step Count League Table, that was enough motivation to keep us all on our toes and do as much walking as we could, from getting our feet out of bed in the morning, to walking at work as well as after work.

“There were huge benefits from doing the challenge, not only the fitness side of things but getting to know our team mates better. It’s easy to say “hello” or “good morning” to a colleague in the passing, but realising we’ve got walkers, runners, swimmers, hula hoopers and dancers amongst the teams it was quite an eye opener to say the least. It’s been a very good challenge, especially for the three teams in the workforce, who are now going to keep up their good work and keep the walking going, no enemies this time!

“Now that it’s over, our boss is taking us all out for a meal and cocktails (he’s such a lovely man). Who knows what will happen next year, hopefully we will get another team together and do it all again. BRING IT ON!!!”

So there you go, the secret is a bit of team spirit, mixed with some healthy competition, don’t sit down and the promise of a free meal and cocktails at the end and top spot on the league table is yours!

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