The Sustrans Cake Walk Part 2

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Written by Carl

Here's an update from Michael at Sustrans, who wrote about their challenge a few weeks back.

"The two teams from Sustrans office in Edinburgh have started their virtual walk, starting at either end of the British Isles and following National Cycle Route 1 to meet in the middle.

The team starting in the north, "Dude Where's My Bike?" have covered more distance (around 385 miles at the end of week 2) as shown by the advanced location tracking display (see photo). After resting their feet on the ferry crossing from Orkney to the mainland, the team have been stepping through the Highlands and are currently somewhere near Aberdeen.

Sustrans map

Down south the "Cakewalk" team have been slowed down and weighed down by frequent stops for tea and biscuits but have covered 240 miles, including a visit to London, and are now enjoying the Suffolk scenery on their way north.

Both teams have covered more distance in their second week than the first, and at the current rate of progress the teams look likely to meet around Newcastle in a couple of weeks time.

Not surprisingly, a busy day at work gives a high step count - but it doesn't have to involve a long walk to get somewhere, just moving around a lot over the course of the day can easily add a few thousand steps compared to a slow day sitting at the desk. Lazy Sundays tend to stand out as having very low step counts - after running a cross country race on Saturday my step count on Sunday was at a record low!"

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