The Fast and the Furious: Our Team Challenge

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Written by Carl

Here's a nice little summary of The Fast and the Furious' virtual walk around the Eastern Med sent in by Claire Saunderson from Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Physios.

"I was getting married to Peter on the 24th March so our team of 5 (Frances, Isobel, Jenny, Julie and Claire) decided to walk the route of my honeymoon cruise as our team challenge. A total distance of 1,032 miles. The route was as follows:


Leg one: Limassol in Cyprus to Alanya in Turkey, 142 miles.

Leg two: Alanya to Alexandria in Egypt, 388 miles.

Leg three: Alexandria to Port Said in Egypt, 141 miles.  

Leg Four: Port Said to Ashdod in Israel, 143 miles.

Leg Five: Ashdod to Limassol, 218 miles.

If we reached our destination early, we also had a return route to Glasgow as an extra challenge to see how far we could get. This added an extra 2,282 miles to our journey.

In week 1 we walked 206 miles, which means we walked from Limassol in Cyprus to Alanya in Turkey (142miles) for some fabulous sun, sea and shopping. And we had some leftover energy to take us well on our way towards Alexandria in Egypt.

In week 2 we walked 193 miles. That took us to within 132 miles of the coast of Egypt. As this was our longest voyage on the cruise and incorporated our day at sea it meant we got to enjoy a few cocktails on the ship.

Claire Saunderson1

In week 3 we walked 198 miles which took us into Alexandria and the site of the old Pharaoh's Lighthouse (one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World), and began our journey to Port Said from where we would get the bus to see the Pyramids.

In week 4 we excelled ourselves and walked 234 miles. This not only got us to Port Said but we had miles to spare.  So, after a fabulous day exploring Memphis and the Pyramids, we began our walk to Ashdod in Israel, covering 27 miles of the route.

Claire Saunderson2

In week 5 we continued our run of form and walked 220 miles. This covered the rest of the route to Ashdod in Israel where we visited Masada, floated in the Dead Sea and walked around Jerusalem and Bethlehem, upping the step count further. It even took us 103 miles of our return journey to Limassol.

In week 6 we did it!!! We walked a total of 208 miles. This included the 115 miles needed to reach Limassol and complete our challenge. Then after a cool beer in the sunshine we decided to keep walking back towards Glasgow and managed 93 miles, taking us into the Mediterranean sea.

Wearing my pedometer on my wedding day was worth it!

Claire Saunderson3

In week 7 we continued our walk home with a fabulous 202 miles, walking on water's a great thing ;) This took us across the Med and up to Rhodes. Let's see where our final week takes us!

In the final week, we walked 209 miles taking us from Rhodes to within 60 miles of Athens! And it is here we finish, sunning ourselves on one of the lovely Greek islands. Time for a holiday anyone?

So in 8 weeks we completed our challenge and more, walking 1668 miles in total between us! I think we can be happy with that! Now to enjoy some of that food we collected along the way ;)"

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