The Carnegie Library Tour

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Written by Carl

Staff at Carnegie Library in Dunfermline have come up with an inspired virtual journey for their challenge. Here's what Jillian McFarlane had to say:

"There are lots of libraries all over the world named after Andrew Carnegie, but we were the first. So, we decided to visit all of the Carnegie libraries in Scotland. There are 61 in mainland Scotland, although not all of them are still in use. To visit them all we had to cover a total of 1,188 miles or 2,376,000 steps.

Carnegie Library Staff

We achieved this in the first couple of weeks so decided to 'travel' to all the Libraries in England and Wales, I have worked out that there are 90 libraries in England and Wales and we will have to walk 2,523 miles or 5,047,200 steps.

I also have the Irish and European Carnegie Libraries stored as a back up in case we manage this as well! So, we can add in Ireland, France, Belguim and Serbia if necessary."

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