Team Steps

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Written by Carl

Friday seems to be our case story day on the blog! Laura from Aker Solutions in Aberdeen has been in touch about their challenge. Laura's team had a fantastic first week with a whopping collective step count of 379,714. Read on to find out how they've been motivating themselves...


"Let me introduce you to our team 'STEPS'. We have taken our inspiration for this challenge from our favourite band of the 90s of which we were all HUGE fans! Our route is starting from our workplace in Dyce, Aberdeen and we are going to travel to each of our team members places of birth before visiting each member of Step's birthplaces, like true hard-core fans would do! Singing along to the likes of 'Tragedy' and a bit of dancing to '5,6,7,8' will keep our spirits up on our journey. Then we're off to St Tropez, like proper pop stars would, to a posh hotel for some R&R. Our route totals 1,870 miles between 5 of us. It's going to be a challenge!

Our hot stepper of the week is 'Faye', also known in the office as Eddie, but there have been rumours he may also be 'Faye' at the weekends... Eddie has managed to walk an impressive 121,687 steps this week and on Saturday alone he managed to clock up 24,220 steps. Asking him how he managed such a high total he said, "I just walked and walked and took the dog out lots". He is currently training a guide dog for the blind called Razor, we often wonder if Eddie just puts his pedometer on the dog! One request from Eddie though is that he would like to know if you can supply him with a new set of knees for the remaining 7 weeks?"

And in honour of Team Steps, here's a blast from the past. Altogether now...

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