Team Heart and Sole - The Journey Continues

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Written by Carl

If anyone was wondering how the team of virtual Hobbits from the Scottish Health Council were getting on, Chris Third sent us this ripping yarn.

“We thought that you might be interested in our updated map on our walk from the Shire to Mordor.

Heart and Sole1

“Alas when we reached the mines of Moria we didn’t get the warm welcome we had been expecting! The Dwarves had been slaughtered and Goblins now lurked in the eerie shadows! Still we made good progress through the mines until Chris knocked a bucket and some armour down a well (oops!) and created such a din that it brought a massive Goblin army down upon us! We had to fight off the horde of Goblins and then a massive Troll turned up and started causing all sorts of chaos! Luckily Karen managed to shoot the Troll in the neck dazing the beast and working together we eventually brought it down. Then we made a break for it with the Goblin horde close behind! We were surrounded but suddenly the Goblins scampered off!

“Our relief was short lived though when a gigantic Balrog appeared out of the shadows! Once again we were on the run! After jumping across some collapsing staircases we eventually reached the exit with the Balrog closing in. As we ran across a narrow bridge Gandalf (a wizard who was travelling with us) turned to face the Balrog and managed to deflect a deadly blow. However, the blow and the weight of the Balrog caused the bridge to collapse sending Gandalf and the Balrog into the abyss! Gandalf’s last words were “Fly you fools!” and indeed we did, straight out the exit as the Goblins returned to fire arrows at us.

“Next we made our way through the forest of Lorien where we met more Elves. These Elves were disappointed to hear about Gandalf but they helped get us ready to continue our journey. Camille had a chat with the Elf Queen who showed her a terrible vision of the potential future should we fail our quest! Anne and Lisa partied the night away with some Elven brew (not to be mistaken for Irn Bru) and after a good nights sleep we continued our quest along the river.

“So basically, as you’ll see, we are still doing well, keeping our step count over 300,000 means that we are making excellent progress and I think we may need another detour, possibly we’ll be forced into one if things don’t go as planned again!

Heart and Sole2

“Have a good week’s walking!”

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