Simple Pleasures Photo Competition

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Written by Theresa Kewell

So, week 5 of the Walk at Work Step Count Challenge and there are some impressive walks in progress. I hope you'll be inspired by the photo competition as there are some amazing prizes, so do get snapping away for a chance to win.

I'm very curious to know what you've been seeing on your walks, there must be a great variety – the views, the people you're walking with and the things immediately around you. I am, of course, particularly interested in any natural things – trees, plants, birds, animals, insects, the weather, rocks or water that you see and there should be lots of activity happening at this time of year.

Having said that, I think some bits of nature might be surprised this week with the fall of snow predicted by the weather forecasters but this might make for some stunning and possibly unusual photos!

Woman Walking

I really got to the heart of what 'simple pleasures, easily found' is all about when I started taking photos. I set my phone to its highest photo setting and headed out to see what I could find. It's been huge fun, trying to get the best view, or snapping a flower to find there's an ant walking across one of the petals, finding unusual shapes and patterns or getting my pals to hide behind trees or doing other daft things that I think might make good photos! We still don't have a really good photo of a face in the bark of a tree either so if you do happen to see one please let us take a look. I took this one that looks a bit like a rabbit but that's the best we have so far!

Face in the bark of a tree

I also use a map for inspiration. I've got a coloured street map which I use to pinpoint green areas to explore. These places will almost certainly offer up pockets of land with trees, shrubs, hedges, ponds all there waiting to be explored.


Have a think about the last time you went for a walk. Where did you go and what were the highlights? What about your next walk?  Where will you go and what do you think you'll see?    

Enjoy the green lungs of our urban areas and if you're inspired, take a photo or two for the photo competition this week. Show us where you went for a walk, the view you saw, the weather you encountered, an activity or fun thing you did whilst you were out or simply, what nature you saw! It's amazing what you can snap when you're out even with just a mobile phone – as this spider's web in the frost shows!

Spiders Web

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