Shetland College Grand Finale Walk

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Written by Carl

Rory Gillies and his team the Shetland College Allstars sent us this note on how they marked the finish of the challenge with a scenic walk at Lunna Ness on Shetland.

rory gillies

“On Sunday 9th June some of the members of the seven Shetland College Step Count Challenge teams got together for a final group walk at Lunna Ness, near Vidlin on the east coast of the Shetland mainland. The 8km route started off with an easy walk along some beautiful coastline in perfect walking weather, to the picnic stop at Lunna Holm.

rory gillies4

“After well-earned refreshments the route took us through the Glachon valley with its inland cliffs, then the challenging Ward of Outrabister, an 80m climb over soft heather and moss. The views from the top were stunning with everyone agreeing it was worth the effort!

rory gillies3

“From there it was a fairly easy walk down to the mysterious “Stanes of Stofast”, a group of huge boulders dumped by receding glaciers after the ice age. One of the stanes resembles a sphinx staring out to sea as if guarding the coast.

rory gillies2

“The last leg of the circular route took us along the shore of Fugla Water, and easy going 1km back to the car park. All in all a great day out and enjoyed by all. The weather was great, and the step counts were up for the last day of the challenge.”

Unsurprisingly the Shetland College Allstars posted a personal best with the final week’s step count.

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