Parading with pipes!

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Written by Frances Bain

The Teams at West Lothian Council are certainly showing us their creative side, here's an update from Kelly's Wigglers, one of the teams there, about their team challenge:

'As part of International Workers Day, Kelly's Wigglers are going the extra 8 yards ( a kilt measure) ‚ÄĒas wigglerspart of¬†our lunchtime walk¬†we are planning on changing the route so we¬†are always in view of the workplace building and will be accompanied on the pipes by one of¬†our colleagues.¬†¬†He is wearing his kilt today to encourage¬†us along and to try and raise awareness of the challenge and¬†how the team are progressing.¬† We are sure that by the end of the walk all the windows in the building will be occupied!'

Kelly's Wigglers


Fantastic idea Kelly's Wigglers, I'm sure you'll have a crowd of new walkers desperate to join you on your next walks!


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