One Step Ahead's Greek Adventure

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Written by Carl

Donna from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's Public Health Resource Unit has emailed in with an outline of their team's challenge. Their aim is to walk from Glasgow to Athens, making their way through France and Italy. This is what Donna had to say:


"We are team One Step Ahead and our virtual walk is taking us from Glasgow to Athens (2003 miles). Why Athens.... well, why not? Our team consists of Malcolm, John Mc, Karen, John and Donna and we are all based in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

We have all taken part in the challenge before and consider ourselves seasoned walkers (if you include walking to the pub, golf course, train station etc) and wanted to set a challenge that pushes us all to the limit.

We never turn down a challenge especially when there is a slap up meal at the end of it, we are all heading to a Greek restaurant in George Square, Glasgow to celebrate reaching Athens.

What a (virtual) journey we are on! Currently enjoying wine in France and looking forward to the food in Italy and ultimately dancing in Greece.....

We are loving the fun of the challenge and are all motivating each other, especially John McIlveney who managed 188,000 steps in the second week ...he is keeping us all going.

Our tip would be; get active, get moving, get competitive!

Spring is in the air and in our step.

Happy walking everyone!"

You can keep up with One Step Ahead's progress by clicking on the following link.

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