One for the girls!

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How do you wear a pedometer on a little black dress?

I had to wear a LBD for a hen night at the weekend, under strict orders from the Bride to be … I only have one back dress, which is rather fitted, with NOWHERE to place my pedometer.

Under the advice of the team at PFA, I  tried to place my pedometer on the waistband of my tights, but it looked awful! In the end I decided to leave it at home, knowing my night of dancing, and long walks in heels to the taxi queues would not be taken into account for the challenge.

The whole experience made me think of options for the rest of the challenge to catch steps, as I am sure a lot of bloggers will have summer dresses to wear, or weddings to attend.

So far our options for wearing a pedometer are:

-         add a ribbon or belt to the dress

-         the tights option …

As you can see we have been struggling to come up with anything else. If you have a suggestion, send it in and we’ll update the list.

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