New Photo Competition

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Written by Frances Bain

Right time for a new competition!

Walking is the perfect exercise, it's easy, cheap, you can do it anywhere and it makes you feel great. You can walk alone for some 'me' time or walk with others for a chat, a laugh and that extra bit of motivation.

We want to hear about your favourite walking buddies. It might be friends, family, colleagues, they might have 2 legs or 4!

Send us a photo of your walking companion/s and tell us why they're great! We'll publish the best ones on the blog and everyone who contributes will be entered into the prize draw to win some goodies for their team.imag0005c

Here's my favourite walking pal. Fergus is my 'surrogate' dog and when I'm dog sitting there's no chance that I'm allowed to miss a walk or head back early. I've never met anyone who's more excited about heading out in the pouring rain but he's always so pleased to see me, I don't mind!

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