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Written by Carl

So, the challenge is over for another year and I thought I'd write something about the challenge from my perspective. Alongside sending the weekly updates, collating stats (or at least sending them to our chief tally keeper Karell) and keeping the blog updated, I've also been taking part in the challenge with my colleagues here at Paths for All.

From all the emails, feedback and contributions to the blog it feels as if this year's challenge has been a real success. We've had workplaces from all over Scotland take part and the range of challenges has been quite inspirational with lots of people making a real effort to walk more. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my highlights, so here goes:

1. On a personal level the challenge was an eye opener. I consider myself pretty active, yet there were days when my pedometer reading was really low, the result of a busy day spent sitting at my desk. This encouraged me to get out for a lunchtime stroll, or go for a walk in the evening after work.


2. I actually really enjoyed my evening walks. I found they were a great way to unwind and have some 'me time' listening to my iPod and it was much better than sitting in front of the TV or laptop. I always came home glowing, even when it was a bit damp and drizzly!

3. My family got involved in the challenge too. My one year old son began to take his first steps and he got his first pair of proper shoes. Chasing about after him did wonders for my step count!


4. Seeing all the photos that were sent in for our Simple Pleasures photo competition.

5. The weather at the end of March! I definitely noticed a bounce in my step count that week.

6. The team names. There were some crackers. Here are a few of my favourites: The Tinchy Striders, New Kids on the Walk, The 39,000 Steps, More Stagger than Swagger and the Gallant Gallopers of Glasgow.

7. Our staff challenge was to follow the route of the Olympic Torch through Scotland, a journey of over 900 miles. We managed this within 6 weeks so decided to extend our route to include a walk to London to visit the Olympic Park!

8. Seeing my Step Count Record Sheet fill up over the days and weeks was really satisfying too!

Step Counts

What were your best bits from the challenge?

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